Monday, 7 February 2011

Think im geting there

After watching a video posted by Less AKA over on youtube (PLEZ CHECK LESS OUT) i try'd to do a face and to my amazment it looks like a face, LOL,

                                      If you look close you can see the youtube in the

Thank you less for all the time you put into videos so that newbies like myself have a starting point,

ALSO i did an eye after watching a video by MARK CRILLEY
over here

And again it really look like an eye,

Thank you Mark

Before i go plez for any newbies or anyone that love's art plez go over and have a look at


Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's about the love

Hi every one.
1st let me just say i'm not even sure why i had to make a blog ,but i did
i'm geting the feeling that there's been a fair bit of falling out and TROLLING (what ever that is)
while i was away,and my heart hurts at the thought it really does,
Im a very happy go luck sort of person that just loves every one, and  i WILL AND DO  give the respect every one is intitled too that is a must till such times as my respect is taken from me by any one,
I dont ask for much in life but i have every thing, and i like to think i make the most of it,and this i why i had to post,,,,,,,,( i think)

In may 2010 i was in my craft room showing my mom how to make a card,,oh belive fun was had,,but the very next day my mom was gone never to sit with me again, now its not tears im asking for when you read this its understanding at why you ladys/and gent's mean so much too me,
Now most of you will know the young lady Rita Hutcheson Cobbs well i got to chating to rita on face book one day she gave me a link to a ustream and there i found a lady going by the name KY  aka scrapacat that is were i meet every one and was made so very welcomed you see id pretty much given up on life and was at that time wasting away in my bed, the warm and helpful and very friendly reception i got just made me keep coming back and back,

Iv learnt to layer thanks Paula aka journalartista
Iv learnt to draw thanks  Dede aka Inkwell
Iv learnt to fancy up my tags thanks Laurel aka LaurelfromNJ
and then theres MY mitzi aka Mitzicurry my ustream mom,, (loves ya)
iv now found loads of other UK gals and im loveing it, Rach,Lilly
And now to my one and only Kerri aka ikerrilove now off this lady iv learnt sooooo much the post would go on 4ever but did you know she dont even realize shes teaching, and she's my tec goddess the bringer off Tweetdeck and the blog,,,THANK YOU THANK YOU ,,

Now i know theres loads more out there that show me something every day and im hopeing to one day be as good if not close to being as good,,at the min im as good as i can be and thats fine by me, I am also a bit worried about posting what i do do as of late becuse of the fear that there are ppl out there that just arent nice and id be leveing myself open for the bad as well as the good comments, so not too sure about it at min,,

Im going to leave now and thank you for stoping to read if you got this far without geting bored or thinking whats she smokeing over there,,lol

And the moral of this blog,,, love and be loved,,life can and is offten taken to quickly and when its gone its  gone,,Easy for me to say i know as iv not been the one upset in any way,but plez if i myself have or do at any time upset any one plez plez let me know asap,,