Friday, 30 November 2012


Well i just nearly pee's my bettie boop pink pant's when i see the post over on Crafty-Emblies for 3 new DT members, see that post HERE Well i just had to have a try so here goes,

                                           2 of my fav projects and 1 i did just cause lol

                                                  These are pants/knickers

And the challenge sent out by Mitzi a very dear friend on ustream and tweeter 
challenge was to take pants and turn them into some thing else
So i turn them into a hand band :) 

Now my 2nd fav has to be the tree that was going in the bin till i seen the 
challenge over on craftys face book page HERE 

All i did was watch a YT on folding the book
then just sprayed and added bling  

Now this one is Again a challenge sent my a very very sweet friend Sandra
Who was my SSBS (secret sister box swap)

She sent me a lamp and just said here do some thing,,lol

I didn't take b4 pic because i'm bad at it,,lol sorry nicki 

it was a clear glass dome and light brown base 

hope you can see that if you look inside you see a picture 

hope you like what i did Sandra :)

Not sure these thing show that i can have fun and likes a laugh 
so ill leave that bit to friend's to comment on,

So wish me luck and leave me some blog love xx

SANDY xx :) 

ps,,check out the Dress form over at Crafty-Emblies LOVEEEEE IT  

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Well again iv been ummmm SLACK on the updating thing, i know i know SORRY :)

And of cause i cant show you most of what iv been up too because i didn't take pictures (AGAIN)

Well 1st off is my new LOVE/ADDITION/PASSION  And you can find them HERE 

You just HAVE too go look

Not only do the have a great shop but they also have a face book page and a Daily challenge page
And iv been playing on there posted 3 days on the run (how cool 4 me)

1st post was a Christmas tree i made out of the books i show on here a while back

B4 I cover it 

B4 I folded 

And i won that day :)
So now im hook and next day was Flowers, And again i did cheat just a little,
was sure-post to go see Twilight with molly and didn't what to NOT post so i posted a 
project id done last year (and yes i did fess up too it )

Day 2 

Then Day 3 (today) is make any thing just use purple SOME were on it,,soi did this 

                                                                          Day 3

The idea 4 this tag came from the lovely Fiona Jennings 
Shabby chic tag  on youTube 

So lady's and gent's thats My new love 
hope you like it and join in 4 all the fun of the show and i here by promise to keep YOU and my poor blog updated on my posts 

But b4 i go iv got to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all the Ladys on the face book and challenge page they have ALL made me feel very very welcome and show so love on my post's