Friday, 16 December 2011

Kinderstamp0 Christmas Decoration Blog Hop

WOW  is that time of year again, dont you just LOVE it :)

Jess at Kinderstamp0 is are hostess and has so many great gifts to give away.

There will be one grand prize. A stocking full of suprises. Some Lindy's Stamp Gang, KinderStampO, Karlas001, Helmar, PYMII and Unity Stamps. One winner will be picked from all the comments left on all the blogs

Let's get started,,if you do get lost or have just pop in to see whats going on then you might what to pop bk to start over at Jess's HERE
if you got here from Jessica Baker then your on the right road,and the next stop is over at 
Kari Sanchez..i will repost Kari's link at the end of the post,,

Now dont 4get to leave a comment on ALL the blogs to be in with a chance to win the grand prize,

Wait theres more,,,leaveing a comment on the blogs also give you the chance to win the Hand Made Decoration that is on the blog,,,so plez leave me a comment so i can give away Some blog candy along with the Decoration i made,

And that brings me nicely to the Ornament iv made BUT i must give credit were its due as i made this after watching one of my ustream friends The very very talented and amazing mixed media and writer i know,, Barb Owen >>> HERE 

And this is what i came up with,,it was fast easy and to be fair relaxing,,i made it in bed,,:)

From KinderstampO

You can see how cool and pretty the charm looks in this picture
better,,i used the ''L'' for '' Love''

Hope you like it :)

Now don't 4 get to leave me a comment 4 a chance to win,
(You must be a follower as well)

Also leave a comment on ALL the blog's along the way 4 a chance to
win Jess's grand prizes

For you next stop its over to Kari Sanchez


Full list of blog's 

My Quilling Nest:
Corri Garza: 
Nicolette Simpson:


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sketcy Wendesday


What can i say,i'm having so much fun

This week sketcy is here From Elisa Kammerdiener as ALWAY a great one :)

I went 4 some thing my grand daughter Molly could use

a door hanger

Useing KinderStampO stamps ''Greeting's from home'' set
Senitiment  ''Freedom Endures because of you''
And ''Love from the homefront'''

Now PLEZ dont 4get to pop over to say Hello to the girls and see what there up too,
Then go let Jess know you are sending so blog love on her 


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Donna Salazar


Now you may ask Why im so figging happy to do this post,,Well here it is,,,,are you ready,,,,,DRUM ROLL

                                      ITS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL ARTIST's

I will post what is said about it as it is right at the end of a great but long post :)

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: This call is open to both US and International artists; however, international artists will be required to pay their own shipping costs for all DSD product before their DT packages can be shipped. There will be 3-5 shipments during the 2012-2013 term. We will do our best to combine product from as many partner companies as possible when shipping. If you are an International applicant, please be sure that you are willing and able to pay these shipping charges before applying.

                                                                READ MORE HERE  

Now b4 you get on the ''omg i cant do that'' just think about it,,in a year long run with the fab and very fun Donna you get LOADS AND LOADS of great goodies (if your lucky to get in that is :)
And all you have to do is what your doing any way,,making art,,cards,tags,,boxes,,you name it WE DO IT,,

So go over check it out and if you do submit GOOD LUCK

B4 I GO pop over to Donna Salzar on FACEBOOK to be in with a go at the give away :)

                                                  SANDY XX :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Colour It Monday

This Weeks colours Are here ,,  :)

And this weeks project was HARD so very Hard
but that's because i used a picture frame with a pic of
 my BEAUITFUL MOM  in it
I used Stickles and flowers and pearls as well as the stamp set

Forever in our thoughts and prayers

Iv been looking to do something with this 4 the longest time
then the stamp just pop out to me 
it says it all ready 

There's NOT much you can't do with theses stamp's
if anything
so pop over to see what the rest of the girls are doing
with the great stamp's and charm's and Say HI
Then pop over to see Jess on her FaceBook page


Monday, 28 November 2011

Colour It Monday

B4 we get going check this out 

Click HERE or the link 

Now to this weeks project and i DID'NT go with paper :)
i went 4 some thing a little different 

You can't see it very good but there is a LSD light in there :)
don't you just love  hubbys that will take things apart 4 you 

Top of course it had to have flowers :)

i used the Charm set 

Hope you like my Fairy as much as i do 

Dont 4get to go say hi to KinderstampO and the girls
And check out her great sale
And go say hi on Facebook  


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Welcome to Sketchy Wednesday.

Wayyyyy hayyy im geting good at this bloging thing....well this week any way lol

BUT.....WAIT 4 IT    Jess is only having a Pre_Black Friday SALE of the Vintage Letter Charm's  thats right
Buy 2 GET 1 FREE

Today though Friday, November 25th

Now onto this  week Sketchy wednesday

And i was good this week i did a CARD lol

''Welcome Home''

From the ''Greeting From Home'' stamp set 

BE4 I GO REMEMBER.............

BUY 2 Vintage Letter Charm Sets and 
plus  FREE domestic shipping too!
(international shipping is only a flat $4.95 per order)
perfect to give as a personalized gift to the ones you love for the holidays.

And while you there say Hello to the girls on the DT and go see Jess on her Facebook page

                                                                SANDY XX :)


Monday, 21 November 2011

Colour It Monday

YERRRRR i only went and rember to post it,,,yes i know monday is all most done,,but hey i got it up

So her it is this weeks colours and i must say I LOVED  theses so much :)

And here's my take on them.

'Holding down the fort till you retune home'

Don't 4get to go see Jess then go over say hi on her Facebook page
Jess just loves comments on her blog to 
Go see what All the DT girls are doing with theses cool colours



Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sketchy Wed

1st Let me just say a big big SORRY 4 not posting my Colour it Monday BUT i wasnt well and to be fair i just ummm 4got :( BUT you can still see it over at Jess's place :)

Well to this weeks Sketchy Wed again i went with a tag (oh i do love my tag's) and even if i say so myself i just LOVE it :)

AND THE TAG xx  :)  :)

DON'T 4get to pop over to see the great projects by all the team 
and leave to blog love :) WE LIKE IT :)

And then go over too say hi to Jess on her facebook page 
jess loves the comments so do we :)


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sketchy Wednesday

That right its that time of the week already, How fast has this week gone
Any ways here's what i came up with following the great sketch by Elisa Kammerdiener

And i went 4 a Tag :)

''Holding down the fort until you return home''

Dont 4get to go over to Kinderstamp0 to say hi to all the girls
Then go over to facebook and let Jess know you'v been :)


Monday, 7 November 2011

Colour It Monday!

        Is here again, and boy did jess push me with theses colours,

 Colours i would so NOT use BUT to be fair im so so happy with the card

                   Sorry about the light but im NOT great with pictures,lol

               Again sorry about the light,
     We can do it THANKS to you  from Greeting From Home

 Dont 4get to run over to say hi to Jess and the rest of the girls over at Kinderstamp0 
        Pop over and say Hi on the facebook page and let jess know i sent you,

                                                                 SANDY XXX :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Welcome to Sketchy Wednesday: November 02, 2011

Welcome to Sketchy Wednesday.

Here is this week's sketch created by our very own design team member
Elisa Kammerdiener

So this week i whated to do a Tag 
i used Jess's stamps 

love how it came out,,im a tag kinda girl thanks to Jess




Monday, 31 October 2011


You know what that mean's .....well if you just said Color It Mondays then you were right

 This week i made my hubby a mini book 

I used kinderstampO's stamps set 
sentiment is Top Secret 


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Welcome to Color It Monday: Green, Yellow, Blue, Grey

                                                          This week's colors are     

                                 Sentiment is  Out of sight but NEVER out of mind'   

DONT 4 get to pop over to jess and leave some love 4 all the girls xx


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sketchy Wednesday

Guess what today is ??? well if you said ''Sketchy Wednesday'' then yerr you got it:)

                                            here is the sketch we followed this week

 if you what to play along go over to and post your sketchy wednesday
we would love to see what you come up with.

Im having so much fun with this and it is really making me think instead of just throwing things down :)

                                   I made a card 4 my grandson Alex he was 7 on the 17th of sep

                                  I used the ''Greeting's from home'' from Kinderstamp0
                             top corner say's TOP SECRET and the bottom say's FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

                                       This sentiment say's YOU MAKE US PROUD !

Just love theses stamps and if you what to see more of kinderstamp0 and the Design team pop over HERE

                                                         ''Greeting from home''
                                    To see more of jess's stamps and great charms

                                                            pop over    HERE


Leave me some love :) :)
Sandy xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Color It Mondays

Well here it is lady's and gent's my ''Colour It Mondays''  project hope you all like it,

                                                    This week's colours  :)

I wanted to do some thing i could use  so i came up with a birthday box, after watching the very talented  Sarah Check her blog out here.

                                                         Front of the box 

                                             Top of the box

                                                             The charm i used is a
                                             kinderstamp0's vintage Letter Charm's 

                                                       And i used the stamp set
                                                     'Greeting's from Home''
                                                     Also from Kinderstamp0

                                              Side of the box showing the 12 pockets

There are 12 pockets and 12 Tags,each tag has been covered in note paper on both side and stamped with the Months of the year, so now all i have to do is write all the birthday's down 4 each month and HOPEFULLY i wont ever 4get a birthday again,, as long as i don't put the box some were safe,,lol :)

Now don't 4 get to pop over to see what all the other DT members are doing with the ''Color it mondays''

And please keep coming back to see what im going to do on Wednesday 4 the 

''Sketchy Wed'' 

Sandy XXX