Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sweet 16

Well it just so happen's that the young lady i made the mini 4 LOVE'S pink
So i made a card 4 molly-kay to give to her BFF with the mini.

I did that thing were you fussy cut the bits out and stack them on to each other
NOT going to even try spelling it I know you know what i mean.

Hope she likes it 


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Make It, Picture It, Blog It.

Look Nicki  ack Inkyminxy  im doing it.

Yesterday hubby ask me to make a wedding card 4 a friend
now we all know im all ways saying ''I don't do cards''
Well it seam's i do and i do it very well too :)  (check out the big head )

so that's what i came up with Hope you like it,,i know i do :)

                                               SANDY XX :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012


That right IT A UPDATE will a sort of update,

iv not been MIA i just not been updating,,i know i know bad sandy
i cant help it :( i keep 4 getting to take pic then when i do its to late,
so will the help of some friends on tweeter and ustream iv been taking pic,

So here a few things iv been up too And 4 the record i only got two paper pack's every thing is done with my UIU in mind,, pffft Fran iv been using my timmy paper :)

                                           This is how it started i needed the handle and closer

This is how it ended 
my take on the Kathy 's Contessa

The 1st page as you open it 

The inside all pockets have tag's 

Now im not posting lots of pictures becuse this is 4 a dear friend 
go checkout her blog shes a DT member 4 

THEN i did a mini 4 my Molly-kays best friend 

Then i did this 

You ask Why ??

Well i'm hoping to turn them into doll's 

After watching this young man 
i thought id give it a go.

Thanks 4 stoping by i'll try doing more update's