Friday, 21 September 2012

Artdar update

As some of you already know Dick has been in the hospital. What started out as a belly ache with enough pain to end up in the ER has turned into a matter of life and death struggle for as many weeks since Aug. 26th.  Two surgeries in two days, a heart attack, moved to ICU at another hospital and as of yet so many bumps in the road that the heart problem has not yet been addressed.  He was down graded fr. ICU to PCU and then a reg floor. We were about to move on with a rehab hospital when he became so weak and unable to breathe that he was incubated again and back in ICU 2 days ago.  Tomorrow Dickie goes into surgery for a tracheotomy (for breathing) and a stomach tube (for feeding)  This will be much easier on him as he gets stronger without all the tubes in throat and nose which would cause damage  in the long term. 
As always I ask for your prayers and healing loving Angels to be with him on this bumpy road to recovery.
I'm sorry I haven't made as many phone calls as I should. The hour drive one way and all the walking makes me a better fit woman...but an exhausted one as well.

Peace and Much Love, Darlene Gail

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Thank you again and again and again....
Yesterday Dickie was able to relax and it was the first time in so many weeks we could have a long time communicating together.
Several doctors saw us yesterday. I said, "husband has gotten over so many bumps in the road", his reply was, "there's still a few more to go". Of course I go from elation to cold chills in an instant. His abdomen is still distend
ed and rock hard..."mystery" still not solved. The second doctor says he has malnutrition and try the EG tube formula feeding again. There is another way of feeding that I don't even care to imagine how and don't remember the tech. term. So, as I tell the nurse what the doc said she also agrees and comments, "he's not out of the woods yet". I'm praying hard that there will not be any more invasive surgeries and some how some way the miracles continue and he is restored to better health.
Thank you everyone for ALL you have given to us ...we feel blessed and very fortunate in many ways.
peace and more love,

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dar & Dicky

Im sure Dar wont mind me updating my blog with her updates from facebook 4 the girls/lads that dont do facebook,, 

Words can not express my gratitude for EVERYTHING...the prayers, cards, positive energy, "SPARE CHANGE" Thank you dear dear AWESOME friends...thank you soooo SO MUCH with ALL my heart. If you know me well, you know I cried like a baby...emotions are high, I feel lifted and very blessed.

On my way to see beloved husband Dickie in a few minutes, praying his pain is less and there are no more hu
rdles for him to get over. The ventilator was removed at 11:30 am yesterday (no treck. hole in throat needed). At 8 pm I begged the nurse to give him pain meds. he had said, "kill me"...too much for anyone to bare, she did.

I'm certain God heard his name again and again from so many....I thank each and everyone that has given us so much thought and honest concern. Please know you are all in my prayers as well.
More LOVE and Peace from me to YOU,

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