Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Donna Salazar


Now you may ask Why im so figging happy to do this post,,Well here it is,,,,are you ready,,,,,DRUM ROLL

                                      ITS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL ARTIST's

I will post what is said about it as it is right at the end of a great but long post :)

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: This call is open to both US and International artists; however, international artists will be required to pay their own shipping costs for all DSD product before their DT packages can be shipped. There will be 3-5 shipments during the 2012-2013 term. We will do our best to combine product from as many partner companies as possible when shipping. If you are an International applicant, please be sure that you are willing and able to pay these shipping charges before applying.

                                                                READ MORE HERE  

Now b4 you get on the ''omg i cant do that'' just think about it,,in a year long run with the fab and very fun Donna you get LOADS AND LOADS of great goodies (if your lucky to get in that is :)
And all you have to do is what your doing any way,,making art,,cards,tags,,boxes,,you name it WE DO IT,,

So go over check it out and if you do submit GOOD LUCK

B4 I GO pop over to Donna Salzar on FACEBOOK to be in with a go at the give away :)

                                                  SANDY XX :)

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happyDiane said...

Good luck Sandy!!