Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dar & Dicky

Im sure Dar wont mind me updating my blog with her updates from facebook 4 the girls/lads that dont do facebook,, 

Words can not express my gratitude for EVERYTHING...the prayers, cards, positive energy, "SPARE CHANGE" Thank you dear dear AWESOME friends...thank you soooo SO MUCH with ALL my heart. If you know me well, you know I cried like a baby...emotions are high, I feel lifted and very blessed.

On my way to see beloved husband Dickie in a few minutes, praying his pain is less and there are no more hu
rdles for him to get over. The ventilator was removed at 11:30 am yesterday (no treck. hole in throat needed). At 8 pm I begged the nurse to give him pain meds. he had said, "kill me"...too much for anyone to bare, she did.

I'm certain God heard his name again and again from so many....I thank each and everyone that has given us so much thought and honest concern. Please know you are all in my prayers as well.
More LOVE and Peace from me to YOU,

Remember the 
"SPARE CHANGE" drive is still on laurels b;log till Fri HERE 

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