Friday, 21 September 2012

Artdar update

As some of you already know Dick has been in the hospital. What started out as a belly ache with enough pain to end up in the ER has turned into a matter of life and death struggle for as many weeks since Aug. 26th.  Two surgeries in two days, a heart attack, moved to ICU at another hospital and as of yet so many bumps in the road that the heart problem has not yet been addressed.  He was down graded fr. ICU to PCU and then a reg floor. We were about to move on with a rehab hospital when he became so weak and unable to breathe that he was incubated again and back in ICU 2 days ago.  Tomorrow Dickie goes into surgery for a tracheotomy (for breathing) and a stomach tube (for feeding)  This will be much easier on him as he gets stronger without all the tubes in throat and nose which would cause damage  in the long term. 
As always I ask for your prayers and healing loving Angels to be with him on this bumpy road to recovery.
I'm sorry I haven't made as many phone calls as I should. The hour drive one way and all the walking makes me a better fit woman...but an exhausted one as well.

Peace and Much Love, Darlene Gail

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